Braden Charron vs. Gabe Steele (My Nuts, Bro)


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Woof! Braden and Gabe are two sizable studs. Both beefy brawlers feature hot biceps, legs, asses, and pecs with pert nipples that seem to be begging for a sexy pro lockup. Gabe hurls Braden into the ropes on the first try. As they circle and lunge, asses working overtime as they struggle for balance, it’s hard to see them as anything but physical equals. Grinning Gabe teases at sleepers and full nelsons, only to release Braden too soon. He even leaves finger marks in his opponent’s pecs after forcing him into the corner, but both men are too evenly matches for much to stick.

Soon Gabe has Braden’s face squarely in his armpit, which leads to a fingerlock test of strength that looks like two giants grunting and roaring over the last piece of meat. Teeth gritted, chests collide...and finally one man is forced to his knees and thrown to the floor, leaving the victor posing like a pro. Now the sweat is dripping from chests and backs, as hot combatants are ball-grabbed and ground into dust.

From now on, it’s a squash job, as one fighter is gut punched, pounded, and ball squeezed so hard it’s hard to watch. Soon the sub is bent over for the camera and given the wedgie of the century, exposing butt cheeks in a humiliating hold he is helpless to resist. And we’re not even halfway done yet...

Runtime: 19 minute 14 seconds

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