Braden Charron vs. Jaxton Wheeler (Thongs)


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Two massive hunks of masculinity face-off in this match. Braden is covered in sexy smooth skin with tats and plenty of sex appeal. Jaxton is equally muscular, if not more so, but is more of a he-man hairy beast who destroys damn near anyone and everyone in his path. A quick check of the record books shows that Jaxton has only lost one match here at W4H. Damn few wrestlers have such an impressive record. As these massive muscle men flex and show off, Braden comments that he finally has someone who can match size. Jaxton can definitely match size, but does Braden have the experience and cruel streak of Jaxton? 

The flex off is most impressive, with Braden in a yellow thong and Jaxton in red. Braden shows his lack of experience by flexing while Jaxton “admires” his muscles. While Braden is showing off, Jaxton lays a fist right into Braden’s package, dropping him to the mat like a sack of wet cement. More shots to Braden’s package leave our muscle man as weak as a wet noodle. Things go downhill for Braden has Jaxton unleashes a full arsenal of punishment. It isn’t long before Jaxton has Braden in a schoolboy pin with his ample package right on Braden’s face. To rub some salt into the wounds, he reaches back grabs Braden’s package, making him scream out in agony. Braden is subjected to one painful and humiliating hold after another, even being KO’d in a head scissors. He is even pinned for the three-count by Jaxton, being humiliated further with Jaxton’s big, hairy ass in his face. That’s not just humiliating and degrading, it’s emasculating. 

Jaxton works over every part of Braden’s body, getting countless submissions from him, but he gives special and almost non-stop attention to Braden’s package. Eventually, Braden is KO’d again, leaving every part of his body totally limp. Jaxton follows it with another schoolboy pin – with his package in Braden’s face, of course – easily achieving the three-count. Jaxton flexes over Braden’s limp and lifeless body, secure in the knowledge that he is the superior man. Given all the abuse that Braden’s package received in this match, we’re guessing that his muscles won’t be the only thing on him that stays limp for a while. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 18 minutes, 27 seconds

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