Braden Charron vs. Jayden Mayne (Boxer vs. Bodybuilder)


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My favorite match from tonight had to be my roommate, Braden Charron, taking on my an old friend of mine, Jayden Mayne. Great involvement from everyone that made this match happen.

Starts out with Braden showing off his world-class physique and Jayden showing off some of his shadow boxing skills. A challenge to an arm wrestle leads to the first test of machismo. Jayden Mayne is much smaller and less muscular than his opponent, but he has some tricks up his, um, sleeve.

Braden gets cocky and offers Jayden the option to take a few gut punches on his 8-pack. Things get going from here.

Jayden gives Braden one of the best gut bashing that I've seen in a long time. In fact, Braden is lying on the couch crying about it. Jayden doesn't just rely on his fists. He digs his claws into the washboard abs. He utilizes a great abdominal stretch...and even digs in deeper.

Braden isn't gonna be (complete) bitch and he gets a few good licks in on Jayden. But his surprising mean streak has been found and it isn't long before Mr. Mayne is back to dominating the bulging bodybuilder. A beautifully thrown punch knocks Braden flat to his back to finish a great Friday night fight.

Total Run-time: 23 minutes

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