Braden Charron vs. MarkO (Bodybuilder Punishment)


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Braden is standing in a sport coat working on some GQ-style modeling poses that he is going to try at an upcoming photo shoot. MarkO shows up under the influence of alcohol and running his mouth before coercing Braden into a pose-off that leads into a sneak attack. 

From that point on it is nothing but isolated attacks to the massive muscles of Braden. MarkO has been a pro wrestler since his teen years. A second-generation wrestling star.

A deep trap claw has the competition ready bodybuilder squirming in pain. A lot of Braden's time is spent suffering on his knees or tapping out on the mat. MarkO uses his knowledge of pro wrestling to keep the big man down. Braden is stretched and bent by his egotistical opponent. MarkO even leaves mid-match Braden suffering center ring while he pours himself a fresh cocktail.

MarkO enjoys punishing Mr. Charron and it shows as he spends as much time admiring himself as he does making Braden suffer.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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