Braden Charron vs. Scrappy


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If you’re into wrestling, it’s hard to avoid Scrappy. This dude’s everywhere. As his body gets more defined, his body of work gets more and more defiant. Here he’s barefoot and bold, stepping up to an older and much taller Braden Charron with his now signature deep, rumbling bass voice and that soap opera handsome face. Both men seem to be having a faceoff with their faces and their pecs, as pert nipples seem to glare at each other in hate. Scrappy drives his chest into Charron’s. Charron shoves back, almost knocking the surprised stud off his feet.

“Okay,” laughs Scrappy. “If that’s how you wanna do it!”

Suddenly, Scrappy’s in a full nelson, bare feet high off the floor. His perky package bounces as he’s lifted, and his epic abdomen is stretched and strained. Scrappy turns the tables on Charron, getting him in a full nelson of his own that exposes the mature man’s veiny musculature. Flexing and grinning, it’s hard to know who to look at, until Charron closes his fist around Scrappy’s neck and tosses him to the floor like a sack of flour. Charron angles Scrappy’s ass toward the camera and punches his back hard, driving home a full nelson while the kid scrambles for leverage on his knees.

It’s a dramatic back-and-forth session that sees Scrappy leg scissoring Charron’s head while hanging from the corner ropes, or flexing over his fallen body while crushing his back with those epic thighs. Scrappy is bearhugged. Charron is gagged against a sparring bag, then crushed with it. Scrappy straddles the bag, as Charron gasps in desperation. Who will come out on top? Young stud, or mature mauler?

Runtime: 22 minutes, 40 seconds

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