Braden Charron vs. Sgt. Stiff (Wedgie Wars)


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Being roommates with Braden was very interesting and motivating. When you see a 225 pound muscle stud walking around in his underwear all day, you start to want to hit the gym a bit harder. Another benefit to living with him was that we could film whenever we wanted. I have another buddy who owns a wrestling ring just 5 miles from our apartment, so we'd sneak over there frequently to wrestle around. 

You know, seeing Braden flexing every morning and listening to his trash talk got a bit irritating, so I set him up. I shot a message to Sgt. Stiff to tell him I had a chore for him to handle. I mentioned who the hunk was and Stiff rushed over to complete the task. Late at night, in a Northern New England warehouse in the middle of winter, Braden got stretched, beaten and embarrassed by the Sarge.

Sgt. Stiff worked over every muscle on Braden's body slow and methodically while finding nothing but sheer joy in the destruction of the muscle stud. He treats my roommate as a little bitch forcing him to flex his muscles and making him pick multiple wedgies out of his ass.

It was nice to go home to a nice quiet night where I didn't have to listen to Braden talk about how big and sexy he was. Thank you, Sgt. Stiff for shutting him up, even if it was only for an evening.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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