Brute Baynard vs. Bucky Lawless & Lane Hartley (Ultimate Ending)


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A nice two minute solo Brute Baynard posing segment is interrupted by the loud-mouthed heels, Lane Hartley & (newcomer) Bucky Lawless.  Lane shows up barefoot. He has bulked to 250 pounds of South Florida Alpha. Bucky is a rookie wrestler enjoying his college years on the Florida beaches. Both are into the basics as they punish the shredded Brute Baynard and it isn't long at all before the nut shots come into play.

The duo take turns at the helm. Each putting Brute in a more intense hold. The men enjoying watching the suffering expressions and the contorting of Brute's body while he is being stretched and tamed by their tag team partner. A well-oiled team, dominate with double-team maneuvers and holds. Heels at heart and with no referee to prevent them from breaking all the rules in the handbook, even the time keeper's bell is brought into the act.

It's hard to get away from two powerful men, especially one as dominating as Lane Hartley...but, at least, it is fun to watch. Brute's powerful body glistens with beads of sweat. Lane taunts "Look at're glowing" as Brute's body turns red.

The ending of this match is interesting. Brute is backed into a turnbuckle when the entire locker room as called out to help the heels attack and chain up big, bad Brute.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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