Brute Baynard vs. Christian Thorn


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Can’t decide if you like your muscle men big and brutal or small and scrappy? No problem. Brute vs. Christian embraces the beauty of both types of muscle-heads as they embrace each other in a total battle of wills.

Tiny Christian is enjoying the site of his hot, tatted, muscle-swollen bod. The kid gives himself a cocky grin as he pops those pecs and biceps into focus. Big brother Brute slaps the kids away like a housefly, barely giving him the time of day. Looks like Christian shoulda brought his own mirror to pose him, because he can’t control his temper. Soon he’s pushing and shoving the massive man like a stupid puppy about to get bitten, and Brute, pushed too far, gives Christian what he wants.

Boom! The initial lockup sees Christian lifted up and thrown into a wall, then hoisted up again before he even knows what’s happening as Brute squeezes the small of his back with raging aggression, slings him over his shoulders, drives his head into the wall, and finally tosses him to the floor and crushes his windpipe with the heel of his boot.

“You wanted this, boy. I don’t care if I’m in your way,” laughs Brute. “You wanna be disrespectful? I’m gonna make you tap out. GIVE. UP.”

Nobody suffers like Christian, his mouth silently trying to form words of protest, his armpits exposed and his biceps unflexed, his bare feet kicking in useless retaliation, his black hair used as a handle for the superior alpha. Knees are driven into abs, insults are hurled, and a disrespectful punk learns a lesson about the value of the words “I give.”

Total Run-Time: 20 minutes, 13 seconds

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