Brute Baynard vs. Kayden Alexander (Gut Bash)


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Kayden Alexander is a barefoot prince with a lion’s mane of golden locks, long, bare feet, and a protruding member that always playfully pokes out from his yellow speedo. Easily one of the prettiest wrestlers around, he is also flexible, sensitive, and sensually beautiful in attitudes of pain and suffering. Who better to toss him around than massive man meat muscle stud Brute Baynard? 

Baynard slices into Kayden like a man enjoying a savory feast, twisting the jobber skank’s rope-like arms, cranking his supple neck, feeding him his own armpit, and taking full fisted handfuls of that golden hair with merciless, callous, cold-blooded ferocity. 

Kayden is slammed against a wall, where his tender abs are pounded, his throat is crushed, and his hair is used like a handle to transport him from one end of the fighting circle to the other. Fists slap against skin, expressive lips curl back in pleas for mercy, and sweat mingles in a this steamy, stomping clash of weak vs. strong. 

Total Run-time: 29 minutes, 44 seconds

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