Cal Bennett vs Ace Owens (Locker Room)


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Two lean, muscled dudes battle for dominance in this locker room match.  Ace Owens is booted and Cal Bennett is barefoot with a knee brace, and both are determined to humiliate the other.  Ace is the smaller guy, but his skills and his arrogance are well known in the wrestling world.  He reminds Cal that Cal is the bigger guy as he sets up dismantling Cal's masculinity.  Cal is tough and determined and manages to get in a few painful holds , but Ace is clearly the superior wrestler. Ace takes advantage of his opponent's weak knee and dishes out the pain. Cal is forced to take it as Ace puts into painful and humiliating holds

Cal comes back and gets his foe tied up in a hold and works on his smooth hot pecs.  But Cal can't maintain his dominance and Ace comes roaring back with a vengeance.   Ace has powerful legs and gets his victim locked up in scissor holds until Cal is begging to tap out.  Not so easy with the ruthless Ace.  Cocky Ace utterly destroys his bigger rival and delivers him a humiliating defeat.  He rubs in the victory with crushing trash talk and Cal ends up a defeated man.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes

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