Cal Bennett vs. Blake Starr (Oil Wrestling)


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Gotta admit, watching Cal Bennett curling those weights is pretty inspiring. That tight muscle definition is a sight to behold, until Blake Starr enters covered in oil, and suddenly all eyes are on him. Those pecs, those arms, and those deep, legendary cum gutters defined with oil leave this small-wasted muscle man glistening in the light. Starr sprays Bennett with oil, mimicking the eruption of a man in full orgasm. Bennett decides to go with it, finding himself so drenched with oil, he’s shimmering. 

Time for a pose-off that frames every single ripple and bulge, from biceps to quads. Arm wrestling is the natural progression. Watch in ecstasy as these competitive conquerors engage in a true test of strength. With a camera angle that practically hugs the floor, you’ll feel like you’re stretched out on those oil soaked matts with them, watching those gritted jaws and struggling bods in a best two out of three contest. 

Straight up wrestling is next, with bare feel flexing against the slippery mats. Legs intertwine and chests are stretched as each man in put through his paces in this twisting, straddling, pec-squeezing, ab-slapping oil fight!

Total Run-time: 24 minutes

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