Cal Bennett vs. Christian Thorn


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Christian is one damn sexy rookie. He’s taken some serious beatings here at W4H, but he keeps coming back and shows he’s making improvements in his wrestling skills. We fully expect he will be a dominant force in the not-too-distant future. Like Christian, Cal is a sexy man. He has a lot more wrestling experience than Christian, but he’s taken a lot of serious beatings as well. Without question, there’s plenty of muscles, tats, and attitude in this match. Cal does have a slight size and weight advantage, but Christian is out to prove he’s not going to be a permanent jobber at W4H, unlike several others who shall not be named here. 

Christian is showing a level of aggression we really haven’t seen from him so far. No words are spoken until several minutes into the match when Christian asks Cal if he’s ready to submit. Cal says he’ll never submit. Seems to us that we’ve heard him say that before, yet ultimately submits. We’ll see what happens. Cal does get Christian into a painful head scissors, putting Christians very ample package on full display. It isn’t long before Christian submits. These two are constantly going back-and-forth with control of each other. It looks like it is a battle of the head scissors as each one gets the other in that hold constantly. These boys are going to have some seriously sore necks at the end of this match. Christian gets Cal locked into a head scissors so tightly that he passes out, giving him the equalizing submission. 

More back-and-forth continues as neither of these studs wants to accept defeat. Cal gets the next submission, giving him a slight advantage. Christian is sick of being a rookie jobber and evens the score for a second time with Cal smacking the ring mat as he’s screaming out his submission. Christian is getting cocky and says he’s going to put Cal to sleep again. The pressure is on. Cal doesn’t want the embarrassment of losing to a rookie. Christian is sick of being called a jobber and a win against Cal would give him some status with the other W4H wrestlers. Christian wastes no time and instantly stands and puts Cal into another head scissors, all while flexing that perfect v-shaped frame and rock-hard abs and massive chest. It takes very little time for Cal to scream out his submission while tapping those massive tree trunk thighs of Christian. Just so there’s no doubt as to the victor of this match, Christian again goes after Cal instantly and gets a final submission. Cal is really sinking in the rankings. He’s now been defeated by a rookie. Christian is proving he’s a force to be reckoned with and we have little doubt Cal won’t be the only one he defeats. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 45 seconds

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