Cal Bennett vs. Elite Eliot


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Cal Bennett is a well-built bro offers a cut bod inked with poetry and art, as well as a calm, cool, collected attitude...especially in the face of a loudmouth Elite Eliot, who just can’t wait to go chest-to-chest with Bennett. A well-placed face slap starts things off, enraging Bennett and driving him into the arms of Eliot with reckless abandon. 

Sweaty Eliot crushes Bennett’s head, lifts him off the floor like it’s nothing, and squeezes a series of agonizing screams out of his opponent. Grinding his pelvis into Bennett’s back and wrenching him upward from the chin, Eliot secures a long-held camel clutch that evolves into a torso smashing thigh press that gives him ample opportunity to slap, squeeze, strike, and taunt Bennett, all to the music of interlocked leather wrestling boots rubbing together. 

Time after time, Bennett finds himself on the back end of the punishment stick, until he’s left wallowing in his own pain and misery, head down, almost delirious from the abuse. Eliot slaps Cal’s abs, leaving him as red as a lobster, before feeding him a healthy helping of his boot. 

It’s a squash job like nothing you’ve ever seen, replete with sweat, strength, domination, and humiliation.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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