Cal Bennett vs. Guido Genatto (Gut Bash)


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You can’t deny Cal Bennett’s youth, looks, or his physical perfection. The new guy’s gotta be hot, that’s for sure. Smacking gum and showing off his well-proportioned biceps, it’s hard to look away. 

But young vs. old doesn’t always mean young wins, especially when the old guard features the unquestioned athletic force that is Guido Genatto. 

“He’s not even a wrestler,” Genatto barks. “He’s a fuckin’ model. The only thing he’s gonna do is sit his ass down, and beg for fuckin’ mercy!” 

Genatto is bigger and broader than ever before, sporting a bit of a dad bod, still covered in manly hair. Yes his athletic wrestling style is unchanged by time, and his disrespect for models only fuels his energy. 

Soon Bennett is hanging upside down from the corner like a bat, taking kick after kick after kick, and crawling miserably into his opponents arms, only to take knees and fists to the gut in ways that leave him screaming in agony. Full nelsons and figure fours where you can actually hear the skin tightening against skin...brutal floor grappling...sleepers...and a camel clutch you have to see to believe. Genatto leaves welts and deep red finger marks all over the newbie’s untested body in this well-deserved punishment battle.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 28 seconds

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