Cal Bennett vs. Guido Genatto & Ronnie Pearl (I Wanna Go Pro)


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Bass voiced Cal Bennett is eager to learn. He looks great, with a lean, cut body covered in sizzling hot body art. He carries himself with pride, strength, and dignity...even when bigger, badder, and far more experienced Pearl and Genatto offer him wrestling lessons that all too soon turn brutal, violent, rough, and downright agonizing. 
Holds that are introduced as practice drills are applied with humiliating aggression and verbal abuse. At first Bennett just wants to learn, but before long he’s too bewildered to even attempt an escape. Genatto and Pearl keep shooting one another knowing looks, fully aware of the abuse they’re inflicting on the newbie.
“You better start taking some fuckin’ notes!” 
“Yeah, did you bring pen and paper?” 
No pen and paper equals a full nelson from Genatto, and some ab pounding from Pearl that literally shakes the floor and leaves the student screaming out in pain. 
Rear naked chokes, backbreakers, torture racks and more leave the newbie forever changed...but will it be for the better? When you go to the gods to learn, you learn the way of pain! 

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 32 seconds

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