Cal Bennett vs. Nick Justice (Ab Attack)


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Frat boy, Cal Bennett, is at home trying to rest a brutal basketball injury. He's relaxing on the couch when leather-clad bad boy Nick Justice ambushes him. Cal does the best he can to muster his strength but the relentless dungeon master gives Bennett’s amazing abs a punishing workout. The ab abuse leaves Cal Bennett writhing in pain and unable to defend himself from the power packed punches and brutal bearhugs being unleashed.

Cal Bennett even taps out and admits defeat, but Justice won’t hear of it. The ab assault continues.

Justice is so jaded he even uses a HAMMER to punish this 6-packed pretty boy. More merciless moves keeps Cal screaming for some compassion from the evil heel. Nick continues to pour on the relentless pummeling. Getting ever more creative in his cruelty, Justice almost rips out Bennett’s throat as he enjoys makes the muscled man moan.

Cal attempts to tap out, but until this sadistic psychopath is bored from hearing Bennett beg there is no stopping him.

Total Run-time: 27 minutes

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