Cal Bennett vs. Ronnie Pearl (Gut Bash)


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Cal Bennett is something special. Flawless body, tight waist, cut torso, well proportioned biceps, big thighs, and a more than passing resemblance to a younger version of yours truly (lucky bastard!)...but there’s one problem...he’s a model. 

Good looks can only take you so far in this world of wrestling, and plenty of hot guys have come and gone from the sweaty battle mats, leaving no trace that they were ever here. Will Cal Bennett be one of these passing whispers in the night, or does he have what it takes to fight with the best? Who better to test him out than Ronnie Pearl? 

Pearl knows better than to waste his valuable time chatting with a pretty newbie before seeing what he’s made of. Deep voiced Bennett tries to shoot the breeze. Pearl responds by slamming him into a corner and applying abdominal slaps, kicks, punches, and worse! 

“How do you like gettin’ stretched out, eh?” Pearl finally roars, when Bennett’s agony is apparent. Arms and legs are pulled so far apart it seems Bennett’s back might split down the middle. Booted feet slam and smash his chest and torso, leaving him gasping raggedly and rolling in pain...and that’s only in the first few minutes.

In time, these two impressive bods find themselves in a sort of dance, pain and punishment, rhythmic cries of agony, percussive floor slams that reverberate in time with Bennett’s moans. 

“Rookie bitch,” snarls Pearl. “Please!” 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 28 minutes

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