Cal Bennett vs. Teddy Trouble (Sleepers)


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Some of us here at W4H are wondering why Cal agreed to this match. On the surface, we can see why anyone would want to wrestle Teddy Trouble. He’s one seriously sexy man and he fills out his wrestling trunks very well!!! On the downside, his ring name is Teddy Trouble. You don’t get a name like “Trouble” because you’re a nice guy and enjoy a nice give-and-take wrestling match. Much like the other heels at W4H, Teddy is ruthless when he steps in the ring. He’s out to prove his superiority over his opponent and put fear in the minds of anyone else considering a match against him. Cal has taken on some equally tough opponents, but has been easily defeated by them, so we don’t understand his willingness to wrestle Teddy. There is a ref for this match, so maybe Cal is thinking Teddy will be forced to stick to the rules and have such a savage approach. We’ll see. 

Teddy’s threats start even before the ref does the standard pat-down. This doesn’t look like it’s going to be pretty for Cal. Teddy attacks Cal from behind as the ref is checking Cal’s leather vest. And so, the brutality begins. It’s pure mayhem with Teddy in total control. He even threatens our cute little butterball ref. It isn’t long before Cal is out cold from a sleeper. That’s Sleeper #1. Sleepers #2 and #3 come instantly after the first. Cal would be well-advised to do anything and everything he can to get out of the ring and forfeit this match. Cal isn’t fully awake from Sleeper #4 before he’s out in Sleeper #5. What the hell? Is Teddy going for a record number of sleeper holds? At this point, Teddy is waking Cal up just enough to put him back out in another sleeper. We’ve lost count of the number of times Cal has gone out. 

Cal has had some very tough matches at W4H, but none like this. Teddy Trouble lived up to his name and was nothing but trouble for Cal. Big surprise, huh? Even the ref was afraid to step in and try to control Teddy. Honestly, we can’t really blame him. We’re afraid of him as well. Cal squirms, twists, reaches, and struggles, but try as he may, he is continually put to sleep. At one point, Teddy tells the ref to wake him up, but when he goes to do it, Teddy starts to put the ref in a sleeper, causing him to back away quickly. We have our doubts that Cal even knows where he is for the last few minutes of this match. The ref should have stopped the match and gotten some help for Cal. He most likely failed to do so out of fear for his own safety, a legitimate concern. A final sleeper has Cal laid out on the mat like a fish that’s been gutted. The ref tells Teddy it’s over, but Teddy insists on a 10-count. The ref smartly complies. Hopefully the ref was able to get some medical attention for Cal. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 17 seconds

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