Cal Bennett vs. Ty Alexander & Flash LaCash


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Cal Bennett is doing his stretches when two men appear behind him. They don't attack right away. Why are they here? We get the answer soon as they jump Cal from behind. The assault begins and doesn't let up.

Ty Alexander and Flash LaCash may be my favorite duo. I think Ty is a natural heel and Flash has some aggression down in his soul. This is the most aggressive I've seen these two. They are like lions when they grab there prey. Ripping, pulling and stretching the victim. Sliding from one hold to the other. No time is allowed for the opponent to recover.

Both men make sure to ravage the tattooed stud. Cal is shown absolutely no mercy. Ty and Flash put their prey into holds I've never seen. A creative team whom is relentless in their destruction.

After they stretch, bend and attempt to break Cal, it is decided that they will try to knock him out. Piledrivers are delivered. Cal repeatedly dropped on his head. Suffering so beautifully.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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