Caleb Brand vs. Teddy Trouble


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No introductions here. We join the match hot and heavy with the two already getting into it. There appears to be some issue between Teddy and Caleb’s sister (or is it between Teddy and Caleb’s girlfriend), but we don’t know exactly what, and frankly, we don’t care. These two obviously know their way around a wrestling ring, and this match is some of the fastest, most well executed matches ever.

Extensive use of the ropes and corners, flawless arm drags and body scissors are exchanged through this back and forth.

Teddy finally gets the upper hand and begins his dissection of Caleb’s legs, hyperextending the knee and stretching out the muscles. Stomps continue the devastation. But Caleb is not out. More back and forth, punctuated by a drop kick, and attempted truce gone back and a suplex.

There are too many pro moves to include here but the final blow is delivered as a from the corner ropes devastating DDT and the loser gives up the 1-2-3. Who wins? The action is so fast and even it could be either man, you’ll just have to wait until the very end. You’ll be glad you did.

Total run-time: 20 minutes, 16 seconds

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