Caleb Klein vs. Teddy Trouble vs. MarkO


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These three veteran brawlers know their way around a ring.  Caleb is more of the “face” of the trio, with those Irish good looks, but Teddy and MarkO are ruggedly muscular.  We doubt either of them has any trouble finding it when they want it.  At first, it seems like this will be an even sided match, with each wrestler only trying to find glory for themselves.  Get ready for some serious gut punches and blows by MarkO on Teddy, and then Teddy on Caleb.  MarkO also gets a punishing claw on Teddy, and some impressive drops on Caleb.

MarkO is always in prime shape, and those veins get to popping when one of the other boys is putting him through his paces.  Maybe it’s MarkO’s obvious strength that leads Caleb and Teddy to eventually decide it’s just easier to spend most of their time double-teaming MarkO.  Double pinning MarkO to the mat, they twist those nipples hard.  And with Caleb surfboarding MarkO on his knees, Teddy lays a truly back-splitting blow to that rippling chest.  

Whenever MarkO is spent on the mat, Caleb and Teddy go back to their own alpha male fight for dominance, with Caleb definitely having the upper hand. That gives MarkO some prime opportunities to get back at the double-teaming duo, including using Caleb as a battering ram on trapped-in-the corner Teddy, and dropping Caleb into a pounding backbreaker.

Will the odds favor two on one, or will MarkO’s strength defy expectations?  You’ll have to wait until the end to see, but along the way, it’s a pro wrestling fan’s buffet of experienced wrestlers and classic moves.

Run Time 19 minutes, 38 seconds

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