Cali Boy vs. Blake Starr


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Cali Boy stretches mid ring in a pair of tighty-whities that leave nothing to the imagination. He’s super lean, super tight, with feline grace, and hair like a 1980’s movie idol. It’s hard to tear your eyes away from his perfection, until the camera moves over to the living legend that is Blake Starr. His baring is similar to that of Cali Boy. They both sport bodies defined by lean musculature, and cum-getters for days. But where Cali Boy is sleek and mysterious, Blake Starr is sunshine and heat. 
Their bodies slap together with next to no warning, no trash talk, no rigid aggression play. This is a wrestling match between two hot guys. May the better man win! 
Barefoot Cali reveals stunning thigh muscles early on, considering Starr’s titty-twister nonsense with a full nelson. Starr answers the call with an ass-splitting cradle, into a gag inducing sleeper. 
Two pretty men lock up in every possible way, legs intertwined, abs crushed by leg muscles or grinding fists and palms. Biceps are plowed and pressed with elbows, and perfect teeth are displayed through mouths twisted in broad expressions of agony. Foot stomping, shoulder carries, ab slapping, and unbridled sexiness abound.  
Sweat begins to coat these well-defined studs. Smooth Cali and lightly hairy Starr go hard, until Cali has all but sweat through those tighty-whities. It’s a true back-n-forth battle, filled with pain and punishment, between two of the hottest dudes in the industry.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 26 seconds

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