Cali Boy vs. Jaxton Wheeler


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There are some days when you just wish you would have stayed home. This is one of those days for Cali Boy. He’s as cute as a teddy bear and about as cuddly, but his strength, wrestling experience, wrestling skills, and attitude all pale when compared to W4H bad boy Jaxton Wheeler. To his credit, Cali Boy has a significant height advantage over Jaxton, but Jaxton is mean and loves to make his opponents suffer. He’s not undefeated, but most who have foolishly agreed to wrestle him and left the ring or mats defeated, humiliated, and in pain. We expect this match will end much the same. 

Cali Boy asks Jaxton if he’s ready for the big match. Jaxton tells Cali that he will do what he’s told to do and quickly puts the young jobber in a full nelson. “THIS IS BULLSHIT” yells a clearly overmatched Cali Boy. Jaxton tells him that he’s not allowed to fight back. Truthfully, we have serious doubts about Cali Boy’s ability to fight back. Oh, he may be able to make a feeble attempt, but he won’t have any success against his vicious opponent. This isn’t going to go well for our smooth and sexy Cali Boy and he is quickly bent and twisted like a pretzel, putting the ample and sexy package on full display. 

Jaxton says, “GIVE BITCH!” more times than we can count. Each time is immediately followed by, “I GIVE! I GIVE! I GIVE! I GIVE!” from Cali Jobber, um Cali Boy. Cali Boy is manhandled from start to finish. Jaxton pulls him around by his hair and humiliates him non-stop. Eventually, Jaxton gets bored with beating up this chump and says, “You know what? I’m sick of this shit!” Cali Boy is then choke slammed. Jaxton spits and leaves as Cali writhes in pain. We’re confident he’s going to tell the Boss to give him easier opponents in the future as a few more matches against men like Jaxton could end Cali Boy’s wrestling career permanently. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 15 seconds

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