Cali Boy vs. Lance Hart (Sleepers)


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As Shakespeare once said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them.” No truer words have been spoken. To add to that, some never seem able to achieve it. Thus is the case with our own Cali Boy. Yes, he’s sexy, he’s handsome, he’s muscular, he has a big package and a perfect ass, he has a gorgeous face and pretty hair, but this boy is 100% jobber. He gets his ass kicked every time he steps in a ring. One has to asks why he even bothers, unless, of course, he enjoys getting beat up. 

Just over five minutes into the match against Lance Hart, our pretty boy has gone to sleep no fewer than four times. Does he have narcolepsy? Did he not sleep the night before? Does he have a fetish for chokes and sleepers? We don’t know. What we do know is this: he’s a jobber. No question about it. Before we know it, he’s asleep on the canvas again. He’s on full display as he continues his nap. The reality is that this boy sleeps more in a match than Rip Van Winkle did in the fairytale. He is always out cold. 

Poor Cali Boy is shown no mercy in this match. Much as is his other matches, that ample bulge in his trunks appears to be a little on the firm side, indicating he just might be enjoying his role as a jobber. If his win/loss streak continues in this direction, or should we say his losing streak, he may have to wrestle Johnny Jobber to see which is the King of the Jobbers in W4H. Regardless, Lance proves his dominance over our young jobber repeatedly. Lance is not even sweating as he puts Cali Boy out time and time again. When on his back, Cali Boy shows us his ample, firm package. When out face down, that gorgeous ass is on full display. Either way, we are able to see all his private assets with just a thin pair of wrestling trunks between us and what we want to see. Very little is left to the imagination. 

Lance is a tough wrestler, but clearly wasted his time with this match. We never saw him exert much effort at all, yet he was in total control from start to finish. Cali Boy needs to either improve his wrestling skills or consider changing his name to Cali Jobber. Maybe he can start using Johnny Jobber as his tag team partner. The can wrestle as the The Jobber Boys.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 26 seconds

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