Callum MacKenzie vs. Kieron Knight vs. Martin Sherlock


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I filmed this scenario in Manchester (England), while at a friend's apartment.

Sometimes I get these ideas for videos and I must shoot them. So here we are Kieron Night, Martin Sherlock, Callum MacKenzie and a few others discussing this idea for a home invasion that results in a wrestling bout upstairs before tying up the thief and calling the police on him. Wacky, right?

Callum MacKenzie begins creeping through the neighborhood peering into car windows looking to swipe a CD player. He has no luck with the cars, but he has an idea to try his first breaking-and-entering. He is surprised when he breaks in on a fetish wrestling match upstairs. The two men are enjoying a fun session before being alarmed at the sight of the burglar. 

Callum is unsure what to do since he has been caught in the act. The two men in masks decide to give some of their own justice before calling in the professionals to haul him away. They strip him out of his street clothes to reveal tiny spandex speedos barely covering the goods. They take turns on Callum and occasionally enjoy double-teaming the lad. 

The duo tie Callum's hands behind his back before informing the police to come get the subject. 

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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