Cam Zagucci vs. Blake Starr (Fantasy Fights)


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Cutie Cam Zagucci and lean muscle man Blake Starr are both fans of the Man of Steel, which isn’t a problem until they both want to wear the red and blue to the same costume party. Jealousy leads to some juvenile pushing and shoving, until these bitter Kryptonians agree to have themselves a little sleeper match. Winner goes to the party, losers sleeps! 

“Yeah, admit you’re a super BITCH!” laughs Zagucci, stretching Starr’s back with a superior camel clutch. Starr flails and offers some weak punches as Zagucci applies a hair-pulling sleeper that turns Starr’s face as red as his cape. 

Lycra-on-Lycra is the order of the day, as these two costumed brawlers lockup and roll around like pissy middle schoolers. socked feet lock around straining necks, and capes are used to strangle and suffocate. 

This epic grapple has one mas fighting in just his underwear, revealing who the true Man of Steel really is.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 30 minutes

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