Cam Zagucci vs. Brad Barnes (Jock Wars)


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Babyface Cam Zagucci truly believes himself to be "all that". And while that glowing, youthful face, broad grin, and those big biceps are nothing to complain about, he looks like a baby brother compared to some of our other guys. Shorter man Brad Barnes proves this point perfectly by overshadowing the babyface's bod with his own unquestionable frame, complete with those two boulders he calls his pectorals. If this guy decided to lay on top of you, you'd fuckin' feel it. Thighs, quads, biceps, and back...he's everything cutie nobody Zagucci isn't. 

"Big nose and stupid ass hair," Barnes says of Zagucci, and it's ON. A bone-crushing bearhug blows Zagucci's mind, and he's tossed from wall to wall, straining to wrap his useless legs around Barnes' muscle torso. Headlocks, ball abuse, and leg locks are only a few of the tempting tortures offered in this nasty fight for dominance. 

It's a big bro vs. little bro style battle with total humiliation. Everything from feet in face, balls in face, asses rubbed on mouths, gym-sweat soaked armpits rubbed in faces, in a vid with a full humiliation edge like nothing I've offered before...and a surprise guest star!

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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