Cam Zagucci vs. Marco Thunder (Rope Match)


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Marco and Cam love to bicker about their opposing approaches to appearance. Marco is a sexy badass, Cam is a boy-next-door pretty man. Marco keeps calling Cam “Zac Efron,” and he doesn’t mean it as a compliment. What better way to break a pretty boy than to bust out the bullrope and start twisting?

Cam’s confidence disappears the instant he’s wrist-tied. Marco swings him into the corner, wrapping the rope around Cam’s booted feet and hoisting him into a sitting position, giving him ample opportunity to go brutal on those soft abs. 

A facefull of Marco’s armpit gives the stud perfect access to Cam’s chest, which he claws with delight. With wrists and ankles tied, Marco plows his shapely ass into Cam’s back, riding him like a pony. 

Foot stomping, back abuse, ball squeezing, hand gagging, hair-pulling and more set this one-sided rope fight apart from the rest, as Marco’s hot body drips with muscle emphasizing sweat, and Cam does what he does best...beg!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes

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