Cam Zagucci vs. Ty Alexander (Rip and Strip)


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Cam Zagucci wanders into a wrestling ring like a kid in a candy store. He’s dressed up for a job interview somewhere in the midwest in his best ill-fitting shirt, but this isn’t the office space he was expecting.

“Is this a WRESTLING ring?” he marvels. “Is the ring bouncy? Not really! Look at THAT! Turnbuckles and ropes...this is so NEAT! Maybe I could be a wrestler too!”

Ty Alexander is gonna kick this bitch’s sweet little ass. 

Ty is not impressed with the wrinkled shirt, and promptly rips it to shreds and uses it to strangle the pretty little bitch, who begs and pleads with all the dignity of a Scooby-doo character tied up by a villain in the final act. Watch in total satisfaction as nasty fucker Ty crushes Zagucci’s head between his thighs, rips his pants off his exposed ass, and leads him through his first day of job orientation kicking and screaming.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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