Cam Zagucci vs. Tyler Royce (Jock Wars)


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Cam Zagucci and Tyler Royce look like the younger brothers of the captains of two rival wrestling teams gearing up to impress their accomplished siblings. Baby faces, inflated bods. Add Zagucci’s straight outta the 1950’s line delivery and you’ve got the ingredients for a wholesome rough-n-tumble between two overeager puppies in a pup tent. The initial pose off has soft spoken Royce doing his best to keep up with bigmouth Zagucci, who suddenly applies a nasty full nelson, which Royce quickly wriggles out of and returns. 

“Told you I was the alpha male,” Royce whispers in Zagucci’s ear. 

“More like the beta boy!” Zagucci counters. 

One wholesome, by the book hold after another features each youthful fighter offering bonus flexes and poses to further impress his opponent. A pushup challenge transforms into a crushing, pectoral flexing camel clutch, which evolves into a series of squats that sees Zagucci’s ass square in Royce’s face. Then it’s on to back-and-forth armpit torture, boot to face torment, and sock to mouth abuse. Royce rubs in his superiority by rubbing his sweaty chest in Zagucci’s face as he resumes his pushup routine on top of him. 

It’s a sick and twisted, gross-out, totally juvenile, and entirely hilarious original battle of the nasty bastards that corners my unique brand of combat comedy.

Total Run-time: 31 minutes

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