Cam Zagucci vs. Zach Reno (Rip and Strip)


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Zach and Cam look like 90's male models in matching white t-shirts and old-timey loose jeans. Like a flashback from some ancient Abercrombie ad, these barefoot stallions rumble and roll around the mats, finally ripping the shit out of those old-fashioned denim abominations. You'll cheer as jeans with extremely dated cuts are torn, shredded, and ultimately discarded. But these two tight-bodied boys are having too much fun tearing into each other to stop going at it. 

Shirts are flipped over heads and feet are locked behind shoulders and heads until strong men yell with full-voiced misery. Hairy, perfect Reno kicks and strains in the grasp of the Hollywood musclekid, until the bearded pirate prince is dripping with sweat and returning every squeeze and punishment tenfold. 

Backbreakers and brutal headlocks finish off our poor loser, as the winner stands proudly, posing with one foot on the slack-bodied defeated foes heaving chest.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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