Cameron & Gabe Steele vs. Blake Starr


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Blake Starr thinks he’s all that. Pretty, lean, built, and cocky. He throws himself around the ring like he owns the place. I had to find somebody special to handle him, but I was recovering from the flu. I needed a hired gun. Enter Gabe. This big, sexy dude is a friend of my roommate with a powerful, larger than life personality and a flair for the dramatic. In his black and silver mask, he menaces Starr with his hot, beefy body, pulling the slender arm-bender to the floor, slapping him around and taunting him in two languages!

Starr finds himself being whisper-trash talked while being ground into the corner of the ring. Gotta admit, it was nice to see Starr lifted and bear hugged and ridden like a pathetic pony. I couldn’t resist calling out encouragements to Gabe, especially when Starr looked like he might recover from an especially painful hold. Gabe served up one rough move after another, moving with surprising speed for such a big dude.

But all too soon, Gabe started to let me down. The punishment was nearly brutal enough, not for what Starr soon enough I allowed my frustration to overtake me and found myself leaping into the ring all sick and sweaty and in my sweatpants. Hey, sometimes it’s hard to stand by and watch. I taught Gabe how to really lay the punishment on, stripping off my shirt and pulverizing Starr with fists and feet until he was moaning on the floor.

Gabe didn’t take too kindly to my interfering in his fight, so he naturally wanted a piece of the king. He and I went at it tooth and nail, with hard punches and brutal grappling. Now y’all know I’ve beaten bigger guys, but this dude had me working hard, maybe because I was still recovering from the flu. Even so, I unmasked this bruiser and kicked him outta the ring like it was nothing. My house. My rules.

Total Run-Time: 25 minutes, 9 seconds

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