Cameron & Joey Nux vs. Daxx Carter


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Joey Nux is a thing of beauty. You can’t deny the power of his build. Beefy Daxx Carter thinks he can keep up with Joey with his more naturally big bod. A flex-off ensues, and soon Joey is eating Carter’s forearm and being hoisted off his feet. Knees dig into backs and faces are handgagged and groped with aggressive rage...until I join in.

Soon Daxx finds himself being yanked off his feet by his own speedo and pinned against the turnbuckle, his bare feet flailing as his red trunks are pulled up harder and harder. Time to ball bash the beefy brute. My knee rests easily on his package. I love watching the hairy hunk turn red and twist in agony, almost as much as I love feeding him my boot.

Unfortunately for me, Daxx can give just as much as he takes, and I find myself eating the floor and feeling my own speedo being wedgied so hard I almost pass out from shock. I try to bridge out of his clamped thighs, but only get fists in my balls and knees in my back. Rest assured, I get my revenge, and my favorite new heel (Gabe Steel) to help me exact my revenge, but that is a tale for another time...

Run time: 17 minutes, 19 seconds

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