Cameron vs. Austin Tyler vs. Zach Reno (Every Man For Himself)


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Three pro wrestlers go at it in the summer heat to see who is the better man. 

Austin Tyler is a young pro wrestler with massive thighs. What he lacks in technical skill, he certainly makes up for in youthful exuberance.

Zach Reno has been on the pro scene for several years and is looking to break out of the pack. He's a skilled light weight. He shows up to the ring overly cocky, which rubs me a bit of the wrong way.

Then there's me. Cameron. I've been at this for over half my life, but sometimes you need to remind people just how good you are. At least that's how I feel. I'm not one to get shown up easily, so when Zach Reno tried to be a rockstar upon his arrival, I had to show him that the real King of the Ring was here.

The match is a free-for-all. Lots of opportunities take turns double teaming each other or sneaking on a hold or move while the other two aren't locked in battle. The action gets extra wild. Bodies fly through the air out of the ring. The bout continues on the grass and outside the ring.

It's a constantly moving match-up between three hungry young men looking to prove they belong in the big leagues.

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 48 seconds

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