Cameron vs. Blake Starr


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Blake Starr may be a lean, sexy stud. But he ain’t nothin’ compared to yours truly. Sometimes I think these cocky wrestlers forget who I am. Me and Blake dig into each other with some sweet, pent up hate. Something about this dude just makes me want to choke, slap, and beat the hell outta him. I dig my bare foot into his neck, only to get my nuts clobbered. Blake rips by hands away from my junk and bounces on my balls, forcing me to grind my foot into his junk in return in a rough standoff. 

I’m still cupping my balls protectively, even as I pound Blake’s abs again. I close my arms around his head, then force his head between my thighs while I wedgie his ass. I muscle him into a killer upside down position, then facesit the punk. I get a good handful of his hair and bend him backwards. Digging my knees into his back, I roll him up and over into what he calls a good stretch through gritted teeth and an expression of total agony. 

I love making a prettyboy curse and turn red. I especially love grinding faces into my dick and rolling them over and over while their speedos are still in full wedgie position. I use my bare feet to abuse his balls so many times, pound his face with my balls, step on his abs, and even facesit him until he’s begging me to stop. It’s a mostly one-sided beating as I wrench Blake’s legs apart so his ass is displayed in humiliating agony. Can Blake get untwisted in time to get me back, or is this the ultimate squash job? The answer might surprise you!

Total Runtime - 24 minutes, 46 seconds

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