Cameron vs. Cali Boy


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Anyone who has ever wrestled remembers his first match. The eager anticipation, the excitement of knowing all your training is about to be tested, the fear your opponent will destroy you. The emotions are all churning deep in your gut. As Cali Boy stands in the ring in his sexy red and blue tiny trunks, he knows the pinnacle is here. He’s tall, lean, strong, and has that hot look any seasoned wrestler wants to destroy. To make it even better, Cali Boy has a full head of long, pretty hair. It’s just the kind of hair that begs to be pulled and yanked until it almost comes out by the roots. 

As Cali Boy is anxiously waiting in the ring, Cameron enters behind him. Cali Boy may be in for an easy first match as Cameron has definitely taken his share of bumps and bruises from some of the biggest and most brutal heels in the wrestling business. He’s a seasoned wrestler with over 10 years of experience, but still shows up in white boots and pink trunks with black trim. The pink and white combo are classic jobber colors, so Cali Boy must be anticipating an easy victory for his first match. Cameron, on the other hand, shows a cocky, if not obnoxious attitude and states he’s the King. Given the number of losses in his lengthy wrestling career, we’re skeptical that he is actually the King, unless he is the King of Jobbers. But Cameron has definitely been spending time in the gym and has bulked up his muscles, looking stronger and sexier than we’ve ever seen from him. Perhaps the black trim on his sexy pink trunks provides a hint of things to come. 

Cali Boy’s strength helps him in his first outing, but he is no match for Cameron’s strength and experience. He’s tossed around the ring from start to finish. Cameron shows no mercy in taking his pretty boy jobber through a lengthy series of painful holds. Cameron’s countless matches in the ring have taught him many painful and tormenting holds, and enjoys using on this pretty newbie. To his credit, Cali Boy doesn’t submit, but he is punished and dominated throughout the match. Cameron really loves all that pretty hair on Cali Boy’s head (and who wouldn’t?) and grabs a handful of it more than once. Don’t jobbers know that heels love grabbing long hair and pulling it as often as they can? Poor Cali Boy. His first match didn’t go well for him at all, but at least Cameron didn’t beat him up so badly that he’ll be afraid to wrestle again.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 22 seconds

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