Cameron vs. Cam Zagucci


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Ever since I've heard of Cam Zagucci, I've been a bit annoyed. The pretty boy next door up-and-coming pro wrestler from Northern New England. Sounds familiar.

I got to be honest, I'm not overly impressed with Cam's wrestling knowledge, but I wasn't impressed with my skills when I was a couple years into the pro wrestling scene. I decided I wanted to try him out for myself. See if he had any potential in his sleek body. 

Our match took place in my friend's backyard in Northern New England on a hot summer day. It wasn't even noon yet, but the temperature was already above 90 and the ring was sitting right in the sun. Cam arrogantly accepted his fate to face the King of the Underground. I thought it was a bit brash on his behalf, or maybe it is true that ignorance is bliss.

Cam and I felt each other out before increasing the intensity of the action. Definitely was motivating for me to get back into the pro wrestling scene and get back into tip-top shape. I'd definitely shut the mouths of some of these "up-and-comers."

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 54 seconds

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