Cameron vs. Drew Harper

Cameron vs. Drew Harper

NHB Fights

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Cameron (5'10", 172 lbs, Maine)
Drew Harper (6'1", 215 lbs, Texas)

Once upon a time, a fresh-faced 19 year-old from Maine had big dreams of becoming a badass wrestler. His stage name was “Denny Webb,” and he got his start building his fanbase and filming epic battles with a no nonsense, no holds barred video company that paired him up with other young, strong wrestlers. That dude was yours truly, before the tattoos! Now I’m bigger, better, stronger, and hopefully a lot wiser than I was back then, and I’m returning to my roots by stepping onto the mat once again to fight it out in the old no holds barred battle style. Hey, it’s hard to resist a challenge from a stud like Drew Harper! 

Drew’s a big, beefy bro, and it’s not easy to bring him down with any sort of control. But I’m pretty scrappy on my back, locking up my ankles and protecting my neck. I manage to get my legs around Drew’s head, then his neck, straightening my legs until I hear him groan and feel his desperate tap. Not bad! Now Drew’s a little scared. Suddenly I’m feeling his full weight pressing me into the mat as we both struggle for leg dominance. He crushes my head until I’m practically clawing at his face to escape. You won’t believe how red I turn. But I know what type of game we’re playing now...a game of pain! 

We trade taps, back-and-forth until we’re tied with only four minutes left to break it. Sweating and breathless, we lockup again in an aggressive, almost desperate bid for the next tap. Toes clench and dig into the mat, huge bodies roll and press together, torsos are squeezed hard, and at one point we both stop and just look confused...completely and utterly exhausted, before the final scrap. I’m almost spladled, but somehow managed to capture his head between my thighs to secure a tap from this formidable opponent. Can Drew gain another tap before the final buzzer? Or is the grownup Denny Webb the champion? Stay tuned after the final tap to hear us bicker about who actually won! 

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 22 seconds

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