Cameron vs. Guido Genatto


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He has many titles — fan favorite, the dirty daddy, the trash talking hairy beast — but the absolutely skilled, but crazy, Guido Genatto is not King of the W4H ring.  But he’s out to change that when he runs into W4H’s own “King of the Underground,” Cameron, in the locker room.  You know these two won’t be able to resist taunting each other about who truly holds the title. For all of Guido’s muscular bulk, Cameron is, as always, leaner muscled perfection.  And of course, Cameron has his own impressive arsenal of moves and grooves.  Guido is especially proud of the bulge in his shorts and boasts to Cameron that his Speedos “can never be tight enough.”  But since this video features relentless ball grabs, it’s probably fitting.

It’s amazing what two skilled wrestlers can do, even in a tight space.  You might expect the bulk of Genatto to easily dominate Cameron, but you can never count out pure skill.  Of course, some well-timed ball twists will also take down the largest of men.  The problem is they also make the dirty daddy come back even dirtier, slamming Cameron into the lockers and working him into a series of punishing submissions, such as a Boston Crab that probably sent Cameron to a chiropractor.

You’d have to be in a coma not to enjoy the back and forth between these two.  Cameron refers to his legs as the “hamacondas” during a head scissors, and Genatto can’t help but laugh through his pain, calling those legs “drinking straws.”  Cameron pays for his swagger with a series of sleepers that leave him struggling for his footing, and leaving Genatto to exclaim, “I might be half the man, but I’m triple the cock.”  Still, Cameron is a fighter and has plenty of stamina and he ain’t down and out yet.  In the last 5 minutes you’ll keep going back and forth thinking that Genatto must win, and then stop yourself and think Cameron is about to clinch it, and back again.  You won’t have the answer until the last seconds, but the road to that answer is hella entertaining!

Run Time 22 minutes, 17 seconds

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