Cameron vs. Jax Brewer (Mat Rats)


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How impressive is Jax Brewer? From the first moment I saw him wrestle, I knew he was a superstar. He's got a near perfect build and a killer smile then you watch him on the mats. He's incredible. Amateur wrestling skills that are superior than nearly all. A state champion from the Midwest.

I got tired of seeing him destroy the competition, so I decided I'd throw him in a match against some higher quality competition...someone who could match his wrestling skills. Well, here I am!

We got right down to business and I was truly caught off-guard by his wrestling ability. He's so efficient with his techniques plus he's stronger than he looks. I've wrestled plenty of guys stronger than me, but it's rare that I find someone as capable as I am on the mat. 

There was an audience of other wrestlers watching from off-camera and I knew I couldn't get out-wrestled in front of the team. I'm a very good amateur wrestling "rider," so as long as I maintain top position, I'm usually in a good spot. My bottom position game has gotten worse over the years, so I don't rely on that, especially against skilled technicians like Jax. 

Cardio advantage went to Jax, but we both knew how to explode at the right moments and wait for opportunities to take control. The trash talk flows just as fluidily as the moves between the collegiate wrestling stud and myself.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 34 seconds

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