Cameron vs. Johnny Jobber (Outdoors)


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What a fun way to end a long day of shooting. I got to take advantage of Johnny Jobber as the sun sets for the day. I even picked out the perfect jobber speedos for Johnny to wear for this one-sided match.

I've seen Johnny take some impressive beatings. The young man can take a pounding. I'm not known for my heeling. I'm more methodical than forceful. I'm a thinker. I want to take apart someone strategically.

Johnny Jobber got the full tour of my friend's backyard. Not only did I dominate him around the ring, but I took the destruction around the yard. Johnny got ab assaulted on the vinyl siding. He took some heart punches on the old dog house. A few minutes on the wrestling mat left out by the tree line felt right, so I worked him over a little there.

I like jumping off things, so I grabbed a ladder and climbed up before squashing Johnny Jobber's face with a double foot stomp. 

The ending was great, as I planted Johnny Jobber's face into the mat with a vicious flying DDT off the ropes. 

As much fun as it was to toy with a real jobber, I think I prefer my opponents with a little more fight in them. 

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 35 seconds

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