Cameron vs. Kieron Knight (Mat Rats)


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Kieron and I hit it off almost right away on one of my first trips (if not, my very first trip) to England. Cool guy with an awesome sense of humor. He's done some work before both in front and behind the camera. A multi-faceted performer. Anyway....

We started off talking shit to each other. That's the first thing you gotta do to know your opponent. Kieron is quiet but has that British coolness. He knows he's better than I think he is. I decide we are going to make things a tad more interesting with some baby oil slicking our bodies up. For some reason the Brits bring out the oil wrestling fan in me.

The match I saw for us in my head was a promission mat based match. With me doing most of the dominating. However, Kieron is more skilled than I thought and I was soon taking on a real challenge. As I watched this back I remember the match being back-and-forth but with me not getting any real victory. Certainly I must have had a few notches on my belt during this competition.

If you're a fan of mat wrestling or promission style matches or baby oil wrestling know what? I think this match is a fun match between two quick friends with similar styles. Lots of cradles, scissors, surfboards and other unnamed torturous stretches.

Things end up getting out of hand and balls end up getting bashed. Low blows fly at the end until one of us finally admits he isn't as tough as the other when it comes to his testicular fortitude.

Total Run-time: 31 minutes

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