Cameron vs. Marco Thunder (My Nuts, Bro)


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I've been slowly gaining my confidence to appear in front of the camera again. Too many nights of ice cream and too many weekends out with friends had me second-guessing my body. I got a custom request to film with my buddy Jonny Firestorm, but he had disappeared for a month, so I decided to offer a replacement for the Ball Bash request. Jobe Zander was the second opponent I had lined up for this, but a few days prior to the shoot he had to cancel due to some real-life obligations. So I moved on to the third choice, who I actually thought would be the least brutal to my precious package.

I was wrong. 

Marco drove from Orlando to Tampa one night to punish my privates in at a local pro ring I knew of. I thought he'd be much more gentle to my sack than Jonny or Jobe. As soon as he got his first fistful of balls I had a feeling I was in for a rough bout. He brought some leather restraints to use on me, but I'm sure his 210 pound, all-muscle body would've been sufficient for this bashing. 

He kept claiming he had a special dungeon set-up for me and that he'd had his eye on me for quite some time. This didn't sound like the guy I met in the previous shoots I had done with him. He laid into my ass with his calloused hands, which had me cringing in pain. The leather restraints came into play as he used them to trap me in the ropes. He even had me tied up behind my back while forcing me to suffer. 

After he finally decided he'd had enough fun with me in the ring, he picked me up and carried me to his secret slave dungeon to continue the fun.

Total Run-time: 28 minutes, 52 seconds

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