Cameron vs. Marco Thunder (Neck Crank)


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I like wrestling Marco Thunder. He's a cool guy, real friendly and kind of shy. So when I get this custom video request, I was definitely interested in making it a reality. I spoke to Marco and we agreed to meet up in Orlando near the airport at a ring I knew of. 

We chatted few awhile before getting down to business. I think he wishes we would've chatted much longer, because I went to town on the neck assault. I think Marco is a bit intimidated by my wrestling abilities. His initial offense was weak and timid. I know he's got big, broad shoulders and a strong neck, but I've taken on bigger. I knew I'd have to keep on the attack if this was going to work against the bodybuilder.  Chops to the traps. Neck cranks and twists. Strikes. Headlocks. Whatever it took, I was willing to do. 

I wasn't satisfied with just a verbal submission. I wanted to knock the big guy out and watch him lay on the match drooling as he was off in dreamland. I definitely got what I wanted to. I left the jacked frat boy laying in a puddle of his own drool. A nice focused old-school attack on one body part proved to be the right strategy for this opponent.

Total Run-time: 18 minutes, 55 seconds

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