Cameron vs. Max Quivers


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Now y'all know I can take a beating. There’s something stimulating about seeing how much hurt and humiliation I can take, testing my survival instinct, exploring my pain threshold, especially against opponents who are way, way bigger than me. Max Quivers is way, WAY bigger than me...and this time, he paid to bring the pain, and it’s my job to give a paying customer what he wants. 

When massive Max hoists me into the air, you can see the surprise on my face. When he drives me to my knees in a finger-locked test of strength, you can feel my agony. When we go shoulder-to-shoulder, you can practically taste my terror. Soon he’s pressing yours truly into the corner with his nasty dress shoe, or coiling his arm around my neck, making me kick and squirm like my life depends on it. 

But you know how I play. I brush myself off and go again, stepping to him like a badass...before he goes to town on my abs with a slapping, pinching, gouging hand that leaves me almost too breathless to say “I quit!” He chokes me with his tie, making me turn as red as a man in a hangman’s noose. He hoists me onto his shoulder, than tosses me against the mat like a sack of meat. I struggle to get onto my hands and knees, then taste the mat again. I feel the sweat starting to course down my temple...a suplex..another violent throw that shakes the floor and camera. My pain is captured in way too real high def, as I’m pulled into the beast’s chest so hard that my breathing slows. I see nothing but white as I collapse, only to feel myself being pulled into one of the most epic final moves I’ve ever been a part of...

Total Runtime: 19 minutes, 34 seconds

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