Cameron vs. Max Ryder


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Gentleman’s Rules. No dirty tricks. That’s the deal when I decide to challenge Max Ryder in the ring. This dude looks sorta cute and geeky until the moment he peels off his sweatshirt and you realize he’s kind of huge and hard all around. Thighs, back, chest...dang! This is gonna be fun! Our test of strength has us both moaning. We tumble down in shorts and white boots, legs twisted in painful directions. We grapple and grab until the pale beast gets the better of me, making me curse as his forearm crushes my throat. I look pretty pathetic for a second there, or so I would imagine if I wasn’t mostly unconscious and getting rolled into a Boston crab, the pain of which wakes me up quick!

I return the favor with a sweet scorpion deathlock, but he still won’t give. He turns those killer thighs on me and I’m pretty sure he’s broken something inside me. The shorts come off, and now it’s time to humiliate and embarrass. Our next test of strength makes the ring rumble. I get him in a humiliating split, ass up. He gets my legs. I start raking at his eyes. Maybe this dude doesn’t realize I own the company! 

The fight rages on and boots come off. Piledrivers ensue and two barefoot bruisers battle like beasts in a cage fighting over the last morsel of food. This battle is double the length of most of my vids, and includes true brutality, killer holds, raging rivalry, and even tickling. You get it all with this one! 

Total Runtime - 44 minutes, 9 seconds

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