Cameron vs. Mighty Vinny (Unleashed)


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“Follow the rules,” I caution beefy Vinny as we tie up and attempt to tear each other apart. Vinny’s a hotshot rookie with big thighs and a beaming smile. He loves to dish out pain, and takes it like a champ. We start off with a nice, even exchange of power and skill, giving and taking in equal parts. He loves wrapping those arms around my neck or driving me into the mat like a maniac. Pretty soon I’m red in the face and fighting for my life, as he gets more and more cocky, sticking his tongue out or talking trash. Little does he know, I’m holding back. 

Without warning, I press him into the ropes and go to town on his eyes, making him moan like a little bitch. Then comes the dynamite. I slam his balls so hard he’s completely undone. I grab his hair, fling him into the corner, and press my boot to his ear. “That’s why they call me the king,” I say, happy to finally show the rookie what he’s up against. 

With sweat beading on my chest, he gives once with a backbreaker. He gives again seconds later as I abuse his lower body and twist his legs in mine. He sits spread eagle in the corner, legs wide apart as I apply my boots to his balls with one aggressive kick after another. Now the rookie is screaming, begging, flailing, and looking faint...a perfect time to catapult him right into the corner and show him exactly what makes me the king. And I’m only just starting to display my death defying skills on his rookie ass. 

Total Runtime: 19 minutes, 29 seconds

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