Cameron vs. Rendell Zebu (Dog Collar)


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Facing Rendell was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I had seen what he'd done to the others: Marco Thunder, Jaxton Wheeler & Brad Barnes. He's a deviant.

I knew I'd have to watch out for his dirty tactics, especially his signature chloroform soaked rag. We agreed to do a Dog Collar match, but Rendell wasn't interested in following the rules. Immediately he was forceful and dominant. Not wanting or choosing to listen to the boss. He ordered me to get on all fours and when I refused then he forced me. 

Rendell is domineering in his ways. I cannot believe what he had me doing, but I gotta blame it on the chloroform for not having me thinking straight. You notice that Rendell takes deep pleasure from torturing and overcoming his more skilled or more muscular opponents. As his body glistens with sweat showing off his amazing abs, you notice his eyes and smile light up with great joy as his opponents suffer.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 39 seconds

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