Cameron vs. Rolf Fulton (Pros Up-Close)


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Tall, slim, smooth, and sexy. A perfect description for Rolf Fulton as he stands there in his black boots and sexy metallic blue trunks. The match opens with the referee checking handsome Rolf for foreign objects – boots, trunks, taped wrists – Rolf checks out clean. Next the ref moves over to Cameron. Cameron holds the self-proclaimed title of King of the Ring. He’s standing there in his white boots and sexy pink trunks with black trim on top. As the ref checks his trunks, Cameron says he’s got nothing to hide. The ref responds with, “You can’t hide three inches.” Damn, that’s cold! Besides, how would the ref know what Cameron has packed in his trunks? Maybe we don’t want the answer to that. 

Before the action begins, Cameron starts off by calling Rolf “Bottom Boy” and tries to pass it off just as a nickname between friends. Rolf isn’t buying it. Both Cameron and Rolf have lots of experience in the Indy wrestling circuit and both have had their fair share of losses. We’re sure both have had their backs on the mat, and elsewhere, more than once. But both wrestlers have proven they are tough, don’t want to submit, and like to dominate their opponent. They have technical expertise that surpasses most other wrestlers on the Indy circuit. This won’t be an easy match for either man. 

Their technical expertise is evident from the start with each wrestler not only applying some excellent holds, but clearly trying to think of what his opponent will try next. A first-year jobber hasn’t developed that skill yet. Rolf scores the first fall, getting a submission out of Cameron. Cameron asks him if he wants to go two-out-of three. Rolf says four out-of-seven. It isn’t long before Cameron is screaming out his second submission. This is getting embarrassing for the self-proclaimed King of the Ring. Right about now, Cameron’s pride is hurting as much as his body. The high-flying action begins with both men all over the place, both in and out of the ring. Cameron is able to make a comeback and gets a submission from Rolf. His victory is short-lived as Rolf scores another submission, making it three to one. Cameron turns the tables again, but then gets pinned for the three-count. 

By my count, that makes three submissions and pin for Rolf, giving him the match. He isn’t content and wants one more. Bad decision. Cameron reaches out and grabs all of Rolf’s manhood and has the prettyboy screaming in pain. Cameron continues grabbing Rolf’s package and throws him down to the mat. Before you know it, Rolf is tied up like a pretzel and screaming out not only his submission, but that Cameron is the King of the Ring. Sexy Rolf would have been well-advised to quit when he was ahead and had the victory. Some guys can’t control their ego and need to prove a point. It backfired on Rolf and cost him the match. The cameras are turned off before we see which wrestler is the true “Bottom Boy,” but we’re confident there was some more “action” after the match.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 34 seconds

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