Cameron vs. Scrappy


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It’s easy to see why Scrappy is a fan favorite. This youthful, muscular, curly-haired stud has blossomed in the ring and on camera over the past couple of years, going from boy to man with an impressive string of matches under his belt. There’s only one problem...people keep saying he reminds them of me when I was younger. It’s flattering in a way. Scrappy is Grade A beef. But there’s only one Cameron. And I’m about to prove it yet again.

“I’m a lot sexier, a lot stronger,” boasts a flexing Scrappy. Naturally, this results in a shoving match that gets us both riled up. Chests puff out, smiles start to fade. This here’s gonna be a can feel the aggression building as we trash-talk and crowd each other, looking like a little brother and big brother finally coming to blows.

We lock up, roaring and rolling...crushing each other in a test of strength that forces us both to our knees, then against the ropes. Chest-to-chiseled-chest, we push and shove with unwavering aggression. Arms are twisted behind backs, hair is pulled, jaws are grinded with forearms, pecs are pinched and twisted, faces are smothered and sat on, and piledrives rule the day in this long-awaited war!

Run-time: 22 minutes, 4 seconds

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